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When we were first shown Autodesk PhotoFly a couple of months ago, all we wanted to do was play with it. We wanted to see if it could really do what it claimed – build 3d assets from photos. So we watched the demo video, downloaded the application, took a couple pictures and ran them through to see what it would spit out.

It was amazing how much 3d detail PhotoFly was able to capture in 3d ! Well, we were very impressed but then very busy, so it got put on the back burner along with the 1000000 other things we would like to have time to play with. Until now, we decided that it is time to start making time for the fun things in the world of creative technology and time to try PhotoFly again !

We have an application in mind for what we have captured so far that will be available shortly in our labs section, but for now take a look at our first attempt at PhotoFly. We discovered that it will take a little bit of finessing and careful monitoring of the stitching in order to get a nice low-poly render of a head out of this. But it does a really nice job so far.

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  • Scott Sheppard Oct 19, 2011

    Thanks for giving it a try and your endorsement.

  • Jan May 20, 2012

    Leith Bade says: Doesn’t Microsoft research labs aldraey have this technology? Yes, they did such thing several years ago, but their method gathered only a rough point cloud data set. No mesh and surface texturing in there. The main point of the project was to provide smooth transition between photos in a stack during motion navigation.

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