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fabric logo Fabric Engine   High Performance WebTechnology for the web keeps getting more and more exciting and there always seems to be some new development with using 3d. The Fabric Engine is no exception. It is the first (we think) multi-threaded engine for we experiences that we have come across, and it definitely does NOT disappoint.

After a rather large plugin download for Firefox, we suspect the same would need to happen for other browsers, we were able to view their incredible live demos. The demos showcase some impressive 3d animations, rendering, physics and 17 tutorials that we have yet to go through, but having clicked on them they don’t appear to contain much more that straight API information.

The really impressive thing that we found is that the Fabric Engine uses scripting languages like JavaScript, Ruby, HTML5 and Python. There are some minor downsides that we have come across just looking through some of the basic information though. The plugin itself is large (21MB per browser) but the payout is quite incredible. It is also whole new world of code and development that would have to be learned, but depending on your background so is webGL, AS3, Unity, JS 3D, etc.

We will definitely be following the Fabric Engine as it matures and we hope to find some time to get into it and play around with some of the seemingly amazing potential.

Fabric Engine – Demo Medley from Fabric Engine on Vimeo.

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  • Paul Dec 7, 2011

    Hi guys – thanks for the comments. One note – during beta we are bundling all of the extensions with the plug-in, but when we launch these will be optional. The core plug-in is more like 5MB, so don’t panic :) Catch you soon. Paul

  • cultcreative Dec 7, 2011

    that is great news, thank you for clearing that up.. and really great work !

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