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Working with dozens of designers over the past 2 years, we have learned a lot about things that often get overlooked in designs. We are not saying this is any one’s fault in particular. A lot of things that would be great to have are just not standard practice for everyone and not generally discussed when planning a project.

In our previous posts “Process in Interactive” and “Designing for Interactive” we touched on topics similar to this as an attempt to reduce confusion on projects and iron out consistently frustrating issues in projects. We hope that this post furthers the awareness that there are definite issues with process in the interactive industry, but there are things that people can do about it with just a little extra effort.

Time and time again, over beers with designers, we have learned that they get very annoyed with the fact that they are never as proud of the final implementations of their designs as they would like. This is something that can often be remedied with a little bit more communication, but we would like to also propose a little bit of due diligence on the part of the designers. If you would like this to work and look as you envisaged, you really need to take some liberties away from the developers and give more direction. This will in turn speed up development process AND produce final products that you can truly be proud of.

As a partial solution to this annoyance we have put together a quick, 1 page checklist that includes points that you may already do but also things that you may not have thought about doing. Take a look and let us know what you think. We have run it by a couple developers and the general consensus is that it would make life easier and would enable more time spent on development and less on questioning things and guessing at other things.

Design Hand-off Checklist (PDF)

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