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Cult Creative is a digital advertising agency that designs and develops websites for standard and mobile applications. And we have fun doing it.
Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and drawing on a team of highly skilled creative minds from around the world, Cult Creative is able to bring potent mix of experience and up-to-the-minute technological savvy to any project.

We specialize in social media marketing, consulting and the development of apps for the growing mobile market.

Our team works at the cutting edge of technology, while focusing on delivering quality work.

No job is too big – or too small: That’s because we have the flexibility to scale our teams to the size of the projects involved.

We also believe in the value of play. Because so many of today’s new applications involve entertainment, our own ability to play, experiment and explore helps keep us in tune with the people who use the applications we design. It also helps give us a creative edge by keeping our minds fresh, and open to new possibilities.

profile marc AboutMarc is Cult Creative’s founder and Creative Technologist.He is an award-winning website developer who has worked for top advertising agencies in Canada and the U.S. His portfolio includes an impressive array of work for big-name clients (Burger King, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Domino’s, American Express, Old Navy, Coke Zero, Rolex, Dell and Hyatt Hotels, to name a few) using Flash and other new technologies.

As a partner at Cult Creative, Marc works with clients to develop innovative and effective websites and banners. He does this through deft use of new technologies for mobile and social applications, as well as physical computing.

When he’s not working (which isn’t very often) Marc enjoys golfing, exploring new foods and new places, and connecting with family and friends.

profile krista AboutKrista is Cult Creative’s co-founder and General Manager.A graduate of Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business with a degree in marketing, she also studied Event Management Certification from Calgary’s Mount Royal University.

At Cult Creative, she is responsible for account management, project management, resource management and bookkeeping, as well as public relations. In other words, all the things that need organization and communications skills, as well as a clear vision of both the big picture and day-to-day needs.

When she’s not working Krista, an avid traveller, is probably busy planning her next adventure.